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Agile Office

To restructure an office, an interior design is essential – but that’s not all. Agile Office is dedicated to plan on all kinds of environments and to create greater efficient workspaces.
Modern companies nowadays need to take maximum advantage of their infrastructure. Not only to become a more comfortable place for employees but also to keep pace with the business growth. A flexible workspace will always have positive effects on the well being and productivity of employees.
Because companies are all different and they have different needs, Agile is different too. Every time we develop a new office we take all of these into account and plan a flexible and customized workspace for each business.
From consulting spaces to space planning and interior design, our entire process is based on creating spaces of extreme well being that enhance the productivity of the company itself.
Over the years we have developed installation projects as well remodeling projects of offices in a multitude of sectors like technology, banking, health, education, among others. These projects are materialized in offices with maximized space and focused on the well being of each and any user.

Creativity, collaboration and ergonomics at work

Not everything depends on the organization of the workspace itself. If you restrict your thinking to individual and collaborative workspaces, the office furniture itself is of utmost importance. Productivity is influenced by the comfort an employee feels when he or she is performing a given task.
For nothing to be a barrier, ergonomics at work is one of our premises. Throughout the development of a project we present various solutions of ergonomic furniture. It may not sound like much, but we guarantee that these solutions have positive effects on the daily business of the office. Between lounge furniture and technology accessories, these make the office healthier and more dynamic.
For these solutions we have world renowned office furniture brands such as Herman Miller, Idea Paint, Abstracta, Colebrook Bosson Saunders, Naughtone, Dauphin, among many others.

Our history

2008 was the year in which we took our first steps in the office furniture market. With just one person, that was struggling to do office remodeling projects and, at the same time, selling Herman Miller chairs.
As a result of its tenacity, Herman Miller gave us the privilege of being its official representatives in Portugal in 2014. And so, the business expanded and, consequently, the projects of organization and planning of offices increased both in number and in size. The number of employees doubled and, with only two people working hard, we were planting our mark in the market.
The following year, was the year of change. Our headquarters, which were located in Algés, moved to Lisbon, in Rua Castilho. It was also the year we branded ourselves Agile Office and we increased the portfolio of brands with which we worked. We then became distributors of design brands and high-performance solutions such as Magis, Mattiazzi, Abstracta and Idea Paint. From lounge furniture solutions and acoustic insulation to paint that turns into a whiteboard, we had everything to create 360-degree workspaces.
In 2017, we strengthened the team and launched the online store associated with Agile Office – the Agile Design Store.
For the future, we expect to continue to grow as a company and, essentially, we hope to make other companies grow through our solutions. We aim to make Agile Office a reference in the office furniture market and to make other companies more productive and competitive. After all, that’s what we work for.


From the consulting of work environments to the profitability of the office, through interior design, we intend to increase and assist the companies that contact us. Through our range of high-performance solutions we aim to make workspaces more collaborative, more creative and more comfortable for everyone. In this way, better work experience is provided, contributing to increased productivity.


We know that, like the employees themselves, companies are all different and have different needs. A planned work space with these needs in mind may be the turning point for these to be suppressed.
A dynamic, flexible and all-embracing office is essential to keep teams motivated and productive.