With Bauhaus school in its heart, Bosse is the ergonomic furniture by design brand which promises to enrich any space.

The German company Bosse offers a unique range of home and workplace solutions. This range has modern pieces of furniture, structures and configurations that can be personalized according with one’s needs.

The company aims to create ergonomic and sustainable solutions in line with Bauhaus tradition. That is, the company wants to create design pieces that persists in time, that are as sophisticated as they are timeless. The space partition solutions can be configurated in several environments, having in mind, for example, the ventilation, acoustics, modern design and lighting, allowing the increase of productivity and performance. These details result in unique solutions made to fit individual or collaborative spaces. The furniture developed by Bosse is also incredibly exceptional and modern as well, having simple and minimalistic lines that adapt themselves to the current workplaces. The selection of colours and materials is also rich and diverse, including the original 12 shades of Le Corbusier colour system.

Every piece of Bosse’s furniture by design can be arranged in order to create the perfect mix between form and function. This is achieved by maintaining the consistent focus only on what is essential. The German expertise offers quality and trust, while the design guarantees a radiant aesthetics, whereas it is inspired on modern architecture pieces.


Bosse furniture by design – between Bauhaus and modern architecture

Every piece of furniture by design is produces in its factory, in Hoxter, Germany, where the company creates its own range of modular solutions and modern furnishing.

Bosse’s portfolio presents simple and delicate lines, generating an executive look to any workspace. The brand’s products line is composed by desks, chairs, meeting tables, storage units, vertically adjustable desks and reception desks.

Having the product line in mind, what makes Bosse’s portfolio so different from other brands with similar products? Simple, it is the fact that all the products interact with each other. By keeping different pieces together, the room will certainly be aesthetically unique and with an integrated solution adjusted to that space’s needs.

The various solutions presented in the portfolio were made to create high tech and high design spaces, which attend to a variety of activities and different infrastructures. With different choice of strims, flexible accessories (acoustics, ventilation, lighting, technology, electric sockets, for example) and a modern design, the modular solutions vary between spaces for phonecalls, individual work, and many other. Each client is able to rearrange their space without the need to rebuild the office.


Le Corbusier’s architectural polychromy

Le Corbusier, architect, urbanist and painter, is a true inspiration to Bosse’s furniture by design manufacturing. This 20th century artist invented a colour palette with 63 shades that harmoniously merge with each other. The German brand keeps Le Corbusier’s polychromy alive and uses it intelligently in its pieces of furniture.

These shades have an amazing influence in the human body, originating in sensations of serenity, calm or excitement and enthusiasm. Therefore, each client has the option to choose the group of tones that want to have in their space.


Bosse and its focus on sustainability

To Bosse, the use of resources in a sustainable way is part of its philosophy and environmental responsibility. During the manufacturing process an along all the develop and research process, the company understands the need of using the same resources in a sustainable way. Thus, the brand is capable of adding a unique value to each high-quality furniture by design. In this way, Bosse increases sustainability by presenting solutions to improve not only the work environment, but also residential areas.

By focusing itself in the present and future, the company is willing to create solutions for a better world without compromising neither quality nor design.



In de 1960 decade, in German, Gunter Bosse decided to create a company focused in offering office removable walls solutions. Later these would become a revolution in the workspace, by providing the possibility to create a different space without having to waste time and to put a lot of effort in that space’s reconstruction.

In the1970, Bosse developed its first modular space solution that was completely independent of the building’s structures. This innovative solution was a major improvement on its portfolio, offering a major functionality and transformation possibility. The solution can attend to different activities by allowing the choice of complements and details. As clients, being able to create its own solutions according to its individual needs is a huge asset. The same can be applied for the barriers the space has in individual or group activities.

Pioneer in this field, Bosse was particularly well succeeded in 1980 with solutions for Deutsche Telekom spaces. This company was looking for flexible solutions with very specific dimensions, complements and trims. Bosse was capable of offer the desired solution with an innovative and modern design.

This fact has allowed Bosse to be recognised as an innovative company with personalized solutions. In the following decades, the company became part of Dauphin Group launching itself for the international market. The modular system solution and furniture by design became its centre as the brand became recognized in the industry as a trustful solution.


About Dauphin Group

Dauphin HumanDesign Group is a company that offers a 360º solutions for workspaces, but also residential. These solutions are developed due to the knowledge and expertise that it can provide, creating, therefore, pieces focused on human experience and the support the human body needs.

The different brands, as Bosse, Zuco, TrendOffice and Dauphin, allow the group to build a complete portfolio that supress various needs in terms of interior design. With a great range of products for hotel business, workplaces, public spaces, lounge and residential, as well as hospitality areas, the group can provide complete solutions.

Although each brand presents its own identity and have its own specific focus, all of them share the same values and philosophy: to create a better world for work and residential spaces. This is demonstrated by the ergonomic characteristics, functionality and modern design of each product.

With Dauphin HumanDesign Group it is possible to find a partner which thinks about what’s the best way to increase performance of all team.