Design Within Reach

Iconic designer furniture within everyone’s reach. No, they are not design inspired pieces, they are authentic. The name of the brand says it all – the Design Within Reach does not settle with very little.

A revolutionary brand that aims for the authenticity, quality and exclusivity of all design pieces that makes part of its inventory. The Design Within Reach (DWR) is a multi-brand company in love with true modern design and in making iconic pieces available to a wider public, in an easy and hassle-free way.

The brand makes available one of the most wide and noble selection of designer pieces in an international level. For those who are passionate with great design and iconic pieces, the Design Within Reach will be their damnation!

The company was founded in 1998 in a time when the classic and modern pieces by design where only available to few people. If anyone wanted to acquire designer furniture, they had to travel or work directly with an intermediary of the designer.

These designers begun, then, working directly with the company and bringing new pieces to the world. The Design Within Reach became a international giant regarding designer furniture and decorations and making the pieces, in their turn, become true artwork to have at home.

With its name being more and more recognized, the brand opened physical stores with a highly inclusive concept. In the 38 stores established in strategic USA and Canada locations, it is possible to have an experience of quality and comfort. Therefore, the whole family – including of course children and pets – can wander around the store while testing the pieces and choose the one which better adapts to the people and spaces.

Design Within Reach – Free access to iconic designer furniture

Design Within Reach exists to make authentic designer furniture available to more people. It is a brand with focus on unparalleled quality of author pieces. That is, the focus is not only the quality of the used materials, but in the creative quality itself. Being lookalike or inspired in another piece is not good enough. Design Within Reach brand’s portfolio is reliable, original and legitimate.

The brand’s great value offer is making great design available and until nowadays it has been fulfilling its purpose. Before the brand was born, acquiring some iconic and classic design pieces were an arduous and time-consuming task. Some designer furniture was only available in certain parts of Europe and make them reach a wider public constituted a true challenge. Design Within Reach is here to change that reality, making emblematic pieces of design accessible Consequently, it opened retail stores with pieces in showcase and available to immediate delivery. Since then, the brand’s portfolio provides consumers the best of modern design.

Emblematic high-quality design for your home, office or garden

Either by the necessity of furnishing completely a space or just to add a statement piece the one’s decoration, Design Within Reach will certainly make the ideal product available. At DWR it is easy to find the perfect fit to one’s decoration style and environment of their home or office.

The brand also offers a service of customization of the furniture and interior design through consulting service, space planning and 3D simulation by design specialists. All these services are available in Portugal by the Agile Office highly specialized team.

Multi-brand portfolio with several interior design solutions

Design Within Reach’s portfolio contains several home, office and commercial space solutions. This multi-brand inventory includes designer furniture, essentially to residential spaces as dining and living room furniture, lighting, upholstery and bedroom furniture.

It also makes also makes available accessories in the most diverse categories. In these, it can be found fireplace accessories, decoration, decorative pillows and blankets, storage accessories as bookshelves, hanging racks and even kitchen and bathroom utilities.

Regarding outdoor furniture, it is possible to find diverse options that fit perfectly in a garden, balcony or patio, since lounge outdoor chairs, outdoor dining tables and chairs, sun hats, awnings and many others outdoor accessories.

With Design Within Reach one will find diverse designer furniture still available to the office and other workspaces. It is possible to find Herman Miller’s ergonomic chairs, desks, workplace lighting and storage.

Some of the most iconic pieces commercialized by the brand are the unparalleled Eames Lounge Chair, by Ray and Charles Eames and Herman Miller; the emblematic Marais chair, by Tolix; the Ceiling Lamp Nelson Bubbles by George Nelson and Herman Miller; and many others.

Designers, brands and producers

Excelling by the quality, it is no surprise that Design Within Reach works essentially with the most highly regarded designers of the industry. The names than sign underneath the brand’s most sold products are designers and architects with an innovative and disruptive approach, as well as timeless, that ended to shape the design world.

Rob Forbes, founder of DWR, claimed in an interview: “In each chair there is a biography that connects a person with the product”. That is, the designers are as important to the company as the piece itself. The founder added: “Since the beginning, the equity of our brand is the sum of the people behind the piece”.

Within the list of designers that work with DWR there are some current names, with a unique approach to the modern ways of life. Design Within Reach counts with pieces made by endless designers and design studios such as Charles and Ray Eames, Tom Dixon, Jens Risom, George Nelson, Eero Saarinen, Nina Marquina, Don Chadwick and dozens more.

The brand makes the designer furniture available through retail sales, with high quality and more than 50 brands also made available by Agile Office. These brands are Herman Miller, Hay, Menu, Afteroom, Tolix, Verpan, Vitra, Humanscale, Knoll and many others.