Geiger Furniture

Elegant offices built from the need of those who works there. Geiger is the office furniture brand which takes everything into consideration.

Geiger’s office furniture strives for the quality of materials which are made of. This factor is always present, even in a mass production as Geiger’s.

The brand says: “why do we make things the way we do it? To reach the technical quality, celebrate materials through simplicity and elegance and enhance the workplace with astonishing furniture design to resist time”.

The great majority of companies, as in private homes, the furniture durability and resistance are still taken into account. By ecologic or economic sustainability, the furnishing made with great quality materials is the main choice of a major part of consumers.

And, in this field, Geiger is a true specialist. All the brand’s office furniture is made last decades. To do so, the brand heavily invest in the quality and resistance of materials, but also in the minimalistic design.

However, it is not only for the design and quality of the pieces that the company is internationally recognised. The textiles take up a major position in Geiger’s manufacturing and attach an unparalleled aesthetics to the pieces of furniture.


Geiger – the sophistication of the materials

From wood to fabric, all materials used by Geiger on its office furniture manufacturing process are of highest quality. Besides, the company makes sure to maintain the natural colours and effects in order to uphold a rustic and timeless aesthetics.

Concerning the woods, Geiger uses walnut tree, cherry tree, sycamore, maple, rosewood, and many others. The wood veins are left visible, making the furniture piece aesthetically elegant and timeless. The design will never get out of style, whatever the season. The brand shapes and takes care of the wood, granting more durability to it.

The brand’s office furniture finishes are mostly made of chromium – its favourite metal. And why? Because chromium is an extremely corrosion resistant material and a powerful steel substitute, as it is lighter than steel itself.

As it was said before, fabrics have a higher importance to Geiger. It is in this group of materials that the company puts its maximum effort.


The fabrics

2013 was the year in which Geiger gave itself in to fabrics to cover the office furniture that was already producing. The vast extension of textures and patterns is what distinguish these fabrics comparing to others in this kind of specific furniture. In these fabrics it is possible to find colours and patterns present in the natural world, establishing a luxurious connection between wood and upholstery.

In this way, Geiger has a vast portfolio of textile collections:
• Viven – colours and patterns referring to Hollywood’s glamour in its golden years;
• Savona – a mix of wool with timeless colours;
• Framework – complex and abstract patterns;
• Brighton – collection inspired on sports and British tourism automobiles;
• Leather – timeless material that enriches any piece of furniture;
• Alternative leather – polyurethane fabric for those who ditch real leather.

Between these collections, there are many other with different colours and patterns.


The Geiger’s office furniture manufacturing process

Although the brand materials are the more natural possible, with Geiger’s mass production it becomes impossible to maintain an artisanal system. Assuming this fact, Geiger counts on a high-tech manufacturing process.

As of a automatized line of production are created the most elegant an luxurious pieces of office furniture. The computed process makes possible to bring up the piece’s structures, while ultraviolet rays remove any stains that wood might have.

In the end of the production there are co-workers and other furniture specialists providing the perfect finishing to the pieces. In this way, the furnishings uniqueness is hold.

In addition, Geiger works with internationally recognised product designers. Naoto Fukasawa, Mark Goetz and the Bassamfellows are some examples of the minds whose ideas embody elegant, luxurious and high-quality furniture.


Geiger’s history

The Geiger’s golden years begun with the man whose name became the company’s. John Geiger was born in Germany, but by the age of 14, he moved with his family to Canada.

Having the German furniture always in his mind, as well as the country’s artisanal techniques, Geiger opened it own carpentry. The costumer’s trust in quality and John’s way of working made the business grow at high speed.

Years went by and the carpentry specialized in office furniture. It was in this sector that German influence was of a major importance: Geiger produced minimalistic furnishing in which form and function were complementary.

It wasn’t until the 1980’s that John Geiger made himself Ward Bennet’s partner. This partnership contributed for the company to grow even more in terms of furniture, mainly by robust and pieces with minimalistic lines. In order do better adjust the furniture to its clients, the designer interviewed many company’s executives trying to understand their needs during two years.

By keeping minimalistic design, artisanal finishing’s and mass production together, the Canadian brand is able to maintain the piece’s high quality.


Geiger and the ecological sustainability

Geiger has always had environmental and social sustainability into consideration. However, the battle for ecological sustainability was not easy to win. As many efforts as the company’s was making, those goals were never accomplished.

Nowadays, Geiger is part of Herman Miller’s Group, which have already an established sustainability politics. In this way, the company operates under a zero-waste programme and also have its own recycling system within the factories facilities.

In addition, the company was able to eliminate waste in almost all of its factories and reduced the water and energy consumption by 50%.