scandinavian furniture

With Hay’s Scandinavian furniture, you can take home the best Nordic design have to offer and transform your decorative environment completely.

Sometime, it is hard to find a decorative solution that fits harmoniously whatever the place. As one finds a special and distinctive piece, they often get face-to-face with an issue: that piece’s identity is too strong and can redirect the visual attention to itself, as it shapes the space’s surroundings decoration. If one opts for simpler pieces of decoration, one will often get a decorative effect too cold or depersonalized. With Hay’s Scandinavian furniture, none of this will be an issue.

Designed to serve its purpose in an intuitive and sophisticated way, the pieces of furniture of this Danish brand will not restrain or get in the way of one’s home or office. However, they will not go unnoticed as well.


Scandinavian furniture by Hay – versatility, functionality and elegance

Looking forward to meet the needs of its clients, Hay works continuously to create elegant, timeless and unforgettable pieces. In addition, its purpose is to make daily tasks simpler and easier to perform.

All of these pieces of furniture are made with a out-of-the-box and truly creative design that makes them iconic products.

Constituted by chairs, stools, tables and sofas, the Scandinavian furniture collection by Hay brings the best of Nordic design inside one’s space – simplicity, pragmatism and a subtle elegance one just cannot ignore.

Thanks to its shapes and neutral colours, the pieces of furniture within Hay’s portfolio have a subtle presence, while they do not go unnoticed.


A piece of furniture by Hay at any space

If anyone acquires a piece of furniture by the brand Hay with the aim of putting it in their living room or kitchen and, meanwhile, change their mind, have no worries.

Within the extended portfolio that constitutes the offer of Scandinavian furniture, it possible to find a solution for each one of one’s needs and even to adapt it to different moments.

Offering an alternative to different kinds of spaces, being them a domestic context, business premises or academic infrastructures, this Hay’s collection have the power to fit perfectly at any decorative environment.

The light and minimalistic lines that characterize the design of these products allows them to adjust perfectly in one’s office, as well as in the kid’s room, or even ate public spaces or business premises. Therefore, these are effective and functional solutions to different moments and contexts.

The Scandinavian furniture by Hay is often used in different places around the world – hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, institutional places, business premises of different markets, between others – proving, therefore, that these are products that go beyond any any aesthetic and decorative trend.


Functionality of Hay’s pieces of Scandinavian furniture

As it is a usual concept of the Nordic design, the furniture pieces of this brand demonstrate perfectly that shape and function can and should walk side by side.

Capable of adding a touch of subtle sophistication to any decorative environment where it stands, the Scandinavian furniture by Hay have a minimalistic and clean-looking design, giving a specific space a hint of simplicity and visual harmony.

All of these pieces share a common identity – their simple, discrete and very functional design. Besides the great importance elegance have in this conceptual style, the aesthetic consciousness does not jeopardize the functional dimension of these products. On contrary, the shape follows its function.

Designed to serve its purpose effectively and in a simple way, these pieces do not present too many aesthetic and unnecessary details, lasting only the essential features. The result will be a modern, sophisticated and pragmatic decorative environment with an almost magnetic force. A space decorated with Hay’s furniture is, definitely, a space one will not want to leave.


Scandinavian furniture more durable, more sustainable

Besides its subtle appearance, this brand’s products are very durable pieces.

Putting the high-quality raw materials first, Hay seeks to guarantee the longevity and viability of its products by producing highly robust and resistant. By acquiring a piece of Scandinavian furniture by Hay one will get a reliable product with a lifetime to use, being, therefore, a longterm sustainable solution.


Hay and the aim for environmental preservation

By the time people begin to be more environmental conscious, the need to look after alternatives to pollutant products and manufacturing processes increase as well. By producing robust and durable pieces, as its collection of Scandinavian furniture, the Danish brand Hay acts accordingly – it promotes a slow consumption cycle and a more conscious use of its products. And, by doing that, the brand avoids waste and the usage of toxic materials to the human health and to the environment.


Hay’s portfolio

The belief on design as an ally between aesthetics and functionality, as well as visual comfort associated with the presence of a Hay piece at one’s space, are the principles that guide the action of the Danish brand.

The brand Hay take precedent by the production of its high-quality pieces of furniture. Within its notable portfolio there are astonish decorative pieces, lighting solutions and furniture. Those are sophisticated products, with typical Nordic lines.

Looking forward to keep innovation as the basis of all its creations, this brand combines the use of the most recent techniques and technologies on its manufacturing process. By doing so, the result is a unique collection of Scandinavian furniture.

Along its 12 years of existence, Hay collaborated with many reputable designers, such as Louyise Campbell, Hee Wellig, Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, Thomas Bentzen, and others. These designers have given a strong contribute to the creative process behind the brand’s iconic pieces.