Living room lighting

Add an elegant element to the decoration of your home, office or store. Here you will get to know the living room lighting of the Danish brand Hay.

Keeping the need to associate aesthetics and functionality present, Hay’s products have as much sophistication as they have pragmatism, proving that a functional piece can also be an authentic work of art.

Presenting a portfolio with a strongly contemporary aesthetics, this brand offers practical solutions to the daily life of any space, promising simultaneously to add a touch of sophistication and originality.

The options available are ceiling, table, wall and floor lamps with different shapes and finishes. To each one of these pieces, the Danish brand also makes available a great mix of different colours, allowing one to adjust the living room lighting aesthetics to one’s personal taste and the space’s necessities.

Although having distinct identities, all of these pieces carry out a common basis, embodying characteristics that are already usual in Hay’s product design. Simple, functional and versatile, all of these pieces are a true demonstration of the Scandinavian design main features.

Combining aesthetics to innovation and creativity, the creative team behind Hay’s lighting collections designs iconic and original that highlights themselves for the best reasons. Therefore, one would have nearby a piece that is, besides practical, a dynamic way to transform one’s space.


Find what you’re looking for in Hay’s living room lighting collection

Within Hay’s portfolio, there is a solution that fits any space, meets any need and personal taste, whether it is a large piece of furniture or a small home accessory.

Practical and conceived to meet one’s real necessities, these living room lighting pieces are easy to fit in any context without jeopardizing the surrounding decoration.

Besides its modern lines, these pieces are timeless and, so, they are able to cross over different aesthetic and decorative trends. In this way, these pieces of illumination are a versatile and multifunction alternative to any place during a long time.

Whether in a domestic, professional or academic context, Hay’s lighting solutions are one’s allies concerning the task of decorating a space elegant and efficiently. Within the brand’s living room lighting solutions, one will find the adequate lamp to be on a coffee table, on a company’s meeting room or even to the waiting room of a business premises.


The perfect light for any moment

I tis no secret that this Danish brand offers efficient and adaptable solutions to one’s daily life routines.

At different moments during the day, there are necessities coming up regularly. Different places, different contexts or even different states of mind end up dictating what one person need at that specific time.

This dynamic goes also reaches the needs regarding lighting and, therefore, Hay’s living room lighting pieces show up as an ideal solution.

By looking for a solution that answers to this ever-adjusting reality, this brand designs and produces lighting pieces that come equipped with a luminosity regulator. And, by allowing one to adjust the brightness of the light they want their space to have, these regulators enhance a specific and harmonious environment regarding if it is a domestic or business space.

In this way, one can enjoy a unique atmosphere with a personalized and highly functional lightness.


Take Hygge to your home with Hay’s living room lighting pieces

The power of lighting within a space is truly transforming. The brightness of a lightbulb of each living room lighting pieces have the capacity to create a specific environment which, by its turn, contributes to the awakening of several sensations.

Capable of involving anyone in a true well-being surroundings, Hay’s lighting solutions are perfectly aligned with the typical Scandinavian concept Hygge.

This expression does not have a direct translation mas represents a concept regarding a well-being and comfortable sensation associated with a special moment in a truly cosy environment. With a visual representation strongly significant, this concept is intimately connected with the decoration and illumination of a specific space.

The Hay’s living room lighting pieces allow one to bring Hygge inside one’s home in order to enjoy warm and commodity that only a high-quality lamp can offer.

Explore the lighting solutions of the Danish brand and let yourself go in a true sensorial experience.


Behind Hay’s living room lighting pieces – longevity, sustainability and environmental preservation

The Hay’s products durability secret lies on the high-quality of the material used and all of the production process. All the collection is made having access to robust and reliable raw materials. In this way, the longevity of the brand’s products is assured and it also keeps the promise to deliver great performance over the years.

The living room lighting pieces by Hay are also designed having in mind an energy-saving aim. Looking forward to promote a more sustainable user experience, these products allow to save energy without jeopardizing the lighting quality they already offer.

The lamps that make part of the brand’s portfolio are also the result of a production process that lies on sustainability and environmental concerns. So, by carrying a conscious and careful production cycle out, the Scandinavian brand acts actively to avoid waste, but also to avoid the use of organic solvents in great amounts.

Besides the elegance and functionality of the living room lighting pieces, the result of this conscious production is itself a sustainable, responsible and compensatory proposal for the environment and for one’s finances.