Are you looking for a boost in your team’s creativity regarding its professional context? Do you want to give a tailored decoration to the common areas in you company? Idea Paint show you that’s possible and it all begins with the wall undercoat paint of this brand.

The Idea Paint’s undercoat paint is the foundation of a new working experience – more creativity and more dynamism in a company’s daily routine.

The American brand is looking for transform the daily life of any working space. With its dry erase paints, Idea Paint offers everything that is necessary to explore ideas in an organized, productive and dynamic way, allowing the co-workers to write and erase any concept, idea or word all the times they want.

Whether being used in a start-up business or in a successful multinational company, Idea Paint’s products will enable a work environment more multipurposed, multitalented and innovative.


What to expect from the Idea Paint’s undercoat paint?

Behind the dry erase paint’s contemporary functionalities exists the foundation of everything – the Idea Paint’s undercoat paint.

These undercoating are very the first step to transform walls or other surfaces. Being painted in versatile spaces – where it is possible to freely explore any idea -, the undercoat paint will give a new meaning regarding teamwork.

These solutions are the driving force of all the others Idea Paint’s products and they even complement their performance, since they get the surfaces prepared for the paint coating, they will receive next.

Besides assuring a higher adhesion of the dry erase paints, the undercoat paint guarantees a higher durability of the coating, making the result absolutely perfect.

Practical and easy to apply, the Idea Paint’s undercoat paint can be putted on the wall by any person, since it does not require experience or specific knowledge about the painting process.

The applying process is really simple – one only has to open the packaging, stir and apply in the surface they want. It takes only one time applying the undercoat paint so the surface is ready to be painted with the dry erase coat.

Neither the surfaces already damage or with marks will be put aside – this formula has the capacity to create a clean surface with the ideal conditions to apply a white, clear or magnetic coat.


An irreprehensible result on any surface

Idea Paint is the brand which offers solutions tailored to the surface – being they white, coloured or even clear – and the needs of its clients.


Idea Paint’s undercoat paint wall – Create White and Clear

One of the American brand’s solutions available is the Idea Paint Create White (white paint) and Create Clear (transparent paint).

Being able to prepare white or non-white surfaces to take the dry-erase paint, these formulas are nothing less than a basis of previous coating for the walls, guaranteeing a higher adherence and lifespan of the paints.

The primers for the walls are liquid and constituted by a water-based solution. These undercoat paints are also indicated if one wants to change the colour of the wall or give it a matte finishing.


Idea Paint’s magnetic undercoat paint

This magnetic undercoat paint aims specially at the Idea Paint’s magnetic paint coating. That is, it’s a liquid formula with 2x more magnetic strength than other similar products existent on the market.

In an incredibly easy way, this undercoating allows to initiate the process of transforming any surface in an authentic magnetic white board, without changing its original characteristics.

Its formula is made with a latex-based solution and does not have any smell.

The magnetic primer comes with 6 magnets, so that anyone can start immediately to fix its notes or ideas in that surface. Besides the Idea Paint’s undercoating paints, the American brand also makes available a great number of complementary products such as markers, cleaning kits, and many others. By doing this, the brand provides a whole and excellent user experience.


Idea Paint – a brand with a high-quality product portfolio

It is not by accident that some of the most well-succeeded companies in the world use Idea Paint’s products as an essential element for their teams.

By being specialized solely in the fabric and commercialization of dry-erase products, the brand assures one thing – that that is no competition on the market that have a similar qualiy.

The continuous developing of its products transforms Idea Paint’s brand on a pioneer entity. By looking forward to continuously bring the best to the daily basis of the modern work spaces, the American brand presents durable, innovative and high-quality products.

Either the Idea Paint’s wall undercoat paint and the dry-erase coating – as well as other products on its portfolio – are under a rigorous security norm during its production process, being, therefore, guaranteed its high-quality.


Idea Paint’s solutions – sustainable, reliable and safe products

To the American brand Idea Paint, the environmental preservation has a great deal of importance.

Its scope relies in environmental sustainability and conservation, always looking to produce products with a minimum of chemical or toxic components to the environment and to people’s health.

In a reality where the air we breath at home, in schools or in public spaces is strongly conditioned by chemical components, it is important to give priority to products and entities which demonstrate concern with this issue, as it happens with the Idea Paint’s undercoat paint.

The release of VOC (volatile organic compound), an element that exists in diverse types of paint, should obey to a certain control rules, in order to be considered non-toxic in interior environments.

Regarding the undercoat paint, all of the parameters are followed, turning out to be a little amount of VOC. Besides representing an advantage ecologically speaking, this characteristic is also an important factor for the health of every person within the room where these products are being used.

The undercoating also has the Greenguard certification – a recognition for following the rigorous norms regarding the chemical compound emission.

In order to obtain this certification, Idea Paint’s products are submitted to an exhaustive scientific examination process which substantiated the following of all the guidelines. This certification means, therefore, that Idea Paint is an active figure fighting air pollution and exposure to chemical components in a daily basis, acquiring then a greater importance in environmental issues.

Suitable for all kinds of indoor environments – in particular schools, healthcare spaces, and other – this brand’s products are sustainable, healthy and 100% safe.