Luxy is an italian brand that offers a ample range of products such as high quality ergonomic chairs with an elegant design. Specialized in the production of ergonomic chairs and sofas, the brand renew the concept of “Made in Italy”, since it honors the best that is created in Italy. The brand also has a wide variety of furniture for public spaces, private spaces as well for open spaces.

Its main objective is to make work spaces that are different, genuine and impossible not to notice them. For this reason the ergonomic chairs and sofas made by Luxy show his modern approach to daily work life. On a daily basis every company as his own challenges to face and their needs are continuously changing and evolving. Luxy company can easily find practical solutions for each specific business or even for each department of work branch because it can effortlessly adapt to every need.

To meet the need to constantly create, innovate and adapt by consumers and customers, the company offers a comprehensive range of Luxy ergonomic furniture for every office and workplaces with an excepcional high quality product and unique innovation.

Luxy as an impressive extensive portfolio because it aims to find the perfect solution to every single client which it can be in terms on environment, requirement, taste or style. In this way, Luxy portfolio presents us with great variety of collections where each product is designed to attend all the challenges that every different business sector may present. One can notice that each piece is created in a very consciousness way and always keeping in mind the environment in its production as well the uniques and different life and styles each business offers. Luxy present us with a great range of office and home furniture as well for open spaces, hotels and restaurants.


Luxy – Ergonomic office furniture with an environment consciousness

A office chair or a couch should be beautiful, pleasing for the eye with great aesthetics but more than that must be comfortable. It is for this reason that Luxy aim a great deal of his energie to built ergonomic designs to a point that reach high development of chairs and couches that are extremely save, comfortable and functional, however and above all, they are built to prevent health problems.

The passion of team and the ambition of the company itself, stimulate the development of innovative and original solutions, not only that, it is added the principles of ergonomics as well the concern for the support of the environment.These solutions came to life with numerous ergonomic design pieces that compose Luxy repertoire, such as: office chairs, dining tables and chairs, benches, sofas, lounge chairs and much more.

Luxy company as an innate vocation when it comes to integrate the latest research with the most recent technologies, not only that, Luxy strong environmental principles and consciousness practices are not strategic moves but sincere concern. By choosing to use sustainable and environmentally friendly materials, Luxy adds great value to the market which puts Luxy in a different level. Besides making ergonomic, functional and beautiful chairs, Luxy always looks for the most ecological materials permeated with low environmental impact. To support this claim everyone can see that the brand has been awarded in different moments with several environmental certifications from outer entities.

With great mindful and meticulous way of production the office furniture from Luxy truly honors craftwork and at the same time level up is brand, continuously evolving and improving the industrial environment. The italian company keeps producing modern, functional and comfortable chairs always with a strong technological and ecological base.

Placing is brand name on high stakes Luxy only bets on high quality of all materials, thus being able to offer a 5 year guarantee for its products.


Luxy – Expansion through sustainable markets

Luxy company was founded in 1796, was located in the northeast of Italy which was one of the most emergente production zones in all Europe at that time. Started to make chairs with a very small production but quickly developed to a specialized brand focusing on the production of ergonomic chairs and sofas, as well as other office furniture.

Different factors contributed for Luxy great success.

Luxy has a long specialization in these industry with substantial expertise that has mature, over time, and creating strategic partnerships of some of the most successful and respected designers. The brand predisposition to fuse late research with innovation has also played a play role in escalate its name in the marketplace. This success, and the designs of pieces office furniture with his ergonomics deep knowledge, has qualify the Italian brand do register several patents.

Until recently, Luxy has had a grea thelp with the incentive to expand the company even more to other markets as it is funded by HAT Holding. This financing gave the brand the possibility to grow in markets where the concern for the environment and compliance with environmental and safety standards are an important reality.

Luxy’s ergonomic office furniture production process is guaranteed by a team of experienced and highly qualified professionals, allowing the entire production cycle to be carried out in-house.


Office furnitue – A Agile Office and Luxy

In these days, Luxy offers and provides for several different business areas such as restaurants and catering services, work spaces, residentials or outdoor environments.
The Luxy office furniture brand has several distributors that always pay close attention to the various needs of customers, permitting them to export to more than 40 countries around the world.
Being strongly rooted in the international market, Luxy continues to excel and develop to remain relevant to its customers and their needs.
By sharing Luxy’s vision of quality and sustainability in its very origin, Agile Office has become the brand’s redistributor in Portugal. In addition to these, the projection of dynamic workspaces and the concern for the needs of the customers are philosophies that both share, making this a new a powerful alliance with regard to ergonomic office furniture.