Foldable chairs

Imagine a high design chair – an elegant, sophisticated and glamorous piece. Now, imagine being able to give it all the functional elements of a foldable chair, a practical piece for daily use. Did you imagine? It is this that drives the Luxy’s creative people to design foldable chairs as the ones you will see in the next paragraphs. These chairs are truly the perfect combination between aesthetics and functionality.


Luxy’s high design foldable chairs – the best of both worlds

With Luxy’s foldable chairs it is possible to have, in only one product, all the utility of a folding chair and the luxury of a high design chair.

The design of any product of Luxy’s portfolio is elegant and sophisticated, offering a fashionable taste to any space’s decoration. However, and because a great product is not made uniquely by great design and appealing aesthetics, these chairs are also real demonstrations of functionality and pragmatism.

Luxy’s foldable chairs are a successful combination of aesthetics and adaptability, being considered a solution that pledges to make daily tasks even easier. By merging toughness with agility, these chairs are prepared to meet specific needs, fulfilling their function in a simple, practical and efficient way.

By all this, it is possible to benefit from all advantages of having a practical and pragmatic item nearby, that does not neglect the aesthetic dimension. These folding chairs combines, literally, the best of both worlds: a sense of usefulness for the people and an elegant touch to the decoration of any environment.


More room, more functionality

For building where free space is an important premise, a folding chair is a strategic item, as it allows to maximize the area and all the rooms within it. Even if used only in specific situations, Luxy’s foldable chairs are a smart alternative, since it allows to seat many people in the same room and, moments after, prepare it to fit a totally different context.

The Luxy’s chairs are easy to handle and the fold (and unfold) in a simple and quick gesture. Assuming a compact shape, these chairs can be easily storage in almost every corner and they will be ready to use at any moment.


Comfortable foldable chairs?

It is frequent for people to have this idea that a foldable chair is, due to its utilitarian dimension, a non-comfortable seating piece. However, in the design of Luxy’s chair portfolio, nothing was left to chance.

The highly ergonomic design of these chairs makes them incredibly comfortable solutions, providing a pleasant usage experience to people of all sizes.

Reinforcing a healthy body posture, the foldable chairs by Luxe are comfortable pieces, but not too casual ones. Due to that fact, and since the chairs adapt themselves easily to any situation, these are an appropriate solution even for spaces with a formal atmosphere.


The typically italian sophistication of Luxy’s foldable chairs

It is no secret that Luxy’s chairs are more than useful pieces of furniture. Their design shows elegant lines able to transform any highly decorated environment.

Perfectly materializing the typical glamour and luxury of the Italian design, the brands foldable chairs bring a subtle but distinctive elegance to one’s home or office.

The design of these chairs is discrete and has a timeless sophistication within it. Due to its simple lines, a folding chair by this Italian brand constitutes a decorative solution which elegance do not disappear as time goes by.

Proving the point that functional and pragmatic products can also have an important decorative role, these pieces will always be a simple solution to the decoration of places where there is an aesthetics concern, but also a concern to meet several specific needs.


Luxy’s foldable chairs – a distinct decorative solution to spaces with different needs

ue to their functionality and sophisticated design, these pragmatic chairs can be useful in different environments and decorative contexts.

For the decoration of a kitchen, of a rooftop, a cafeteria or even of other company’s meeting spaces, these chairs will always be a perfect alternative.

Owning a highlightable versatility and multifunctionality, the Luxy’s foldable chairs assume a vital, but subtle, role in any of these environments, adapting themselves perfectly to their surroundings.

Without losing their essence, a chair by Luxy will be one’s ally in any context one desires, performing effectively the part one chooses to give them.

The Italian brand already counts with a long collection of chairs with very different shapes and identities. And so, these chairs are multifaceted products that will meet different aims.

Besides, the Luxy’s foldable chairs are exported to over than 40 countries and fit in different spaces, since hotels, coffee shops, restaurants and even big companies and public spaces.


The longevity of a product by Luxy

To come out with a durable, functional and high quality product, Luxy has a careful production process that obeys to strict norms.

From choosing the materials to the production process and delivery, the Italian brand succeeds throughout its mastery, giving enough attention to any detail.

Due to the high quality of materials and all production procedures, the foldable chairs by Luxy are incredibly robust and durable products. These characteristics make them last-longing pieces that perform as they should during years, constituting, therefore, a compensatory investment for anyone. Regarding Luxy’s real context, the brand also aims to find relevant and sustainable solutions that align themselves with its environmental concerns. Seeking to promote a more conscious production cycle, this brand uses sustainable and ecological materials and processes.

The result are decoration pieces that, besides elegant and functional, they are also a responsible and compensatory choice in the long term.