Stackable chairs and stools

Organizing an auditorium or any other conference room takes too much time for those who don’t have time to waist. Aiming to make this task easier, Luxy has launched a line of stackable chairs and stools by design. The brand honours the Italian high-quality design stamp and challenges of limits of imagination. Its mission is to create original and differentiated spaces, so all products have a new and pragmatic approach to today’s personal and professional life.


There are endless situations and contexts where is necessary to make use of chairs that can be moved easily and rapidly. Therefore, Luxy’s collection of stackable chairs was launched to suppress this need and, simultaneously, to provide aesthetic value, since it is something usually not present in these kinds of chairs. These were meticulously produced in order to adapt themselves to all contexts – public and domestic spaces, indoors or outdoors, workspaces, conference rooms, hotels, rooftops, offices – and to those who seek mobility, space saving and comfortable solutions.

Stackable chairs by Luxy – design and versatility together at least

Since these chairs can be storage in rooms of any dimension, they allow to save valuable space at home or at the office. With these Luxy’s seating solutions, it is possible to stack the chairs vertically or horizontally, maximizing and saving space for other objects and tasks.

The stackable chairs by the Italian brand are light, compact, movable and so versatile that they fit harmoniously in different kinds of spaces. There are many options of materials and upholster of the pieces, but all of them have one aspect in common: to be the most weightless possible.

The lines, colours, frames and the whole design itself carry the aesthetic value out and, to do so, add sophistication, flair and luxury to a space. Every line is designed and produced exclusively to offer comfort, dynamism and satisfy the many needs inherent to several spaces and decorative styles.


When stackable chairs are synonyms with ergonomics, comfort and finesse

Usually, finesse and comfort are not words related to stackable chairs and stools. However, the acumen, dare and creativity present in Luxy’s team of designers were the fuel for the idea of having solutions that would say otherwise. These solutions are those Luxy have in its portfolio today and that came revolutionize the market.

These solutions undergo the seat and backrest design, with appropriate dimensions to all users, as well as a space between those two elements to allow a better cooling and making the chair transportation easier. The backrest is curved and flexible, providing a lumbar support and a perfect adjustment when one changes their position while seated. In situations where one can be seated during many hours, there is always a possibility of adding upholstered seats to major comfort.

Therefore, the brand’s stackable chairs embrace all essential principles to assure the most comfort and wellbeing during the event in which the pieces will be used.


Epoca collection – the firs of many successful projects

Epoca was the first Luxy’s project that embody the stackable chair concept as a flexible, multifunction and visually pleasant system. It was thought to fit at any environment (home or workplace), being it formal or casual, but also recreational or lounge.

The Epoca stackable chairs have 13 option of upholster, which one can highlight the leather version, the fixed or removable pillow. The comfortable seat is made of polypropylene have a rugged finishing, while the back of the chair can have a brilliant finishing – that will definitely improve its looks. The several types of upholster can be combined with several basis in order to attend multiple needs.


Essenziale collection – versatility, multifunctionality and simplicity

The Essenziale is the realisation of the essential and indispensable. It is the synonym of efficiency and mastery. The multifunctional collection embodies the principles of pragmatism with design details essential to transform strict environments into pleasant and comfortable ones. It also shows that something “essential” can also be extremely flexible and elegant.

This stackable chairs and stools collection exist in several seating options to meet the demands of almost every situation possible. In its cantilever version – four legs basis and equipped with a side table -, all of the chairs are stackable, having or not the arm support. As it happens with Epoca collection, the backrest and seat are available in polypropylene or upholstered with anyone of the luxurious Luxy’s finishing.

The colours reveal the brand’s attention to the framework of its pieces at diverse spaces. Therefore, the brand chose neutral colours as combinations of white, black and silver. For those who wish for more strong colours, Luxy makes available the same stackable chairs models in blue or red.

The Essenziale also have slots that allow the chairs to be perfectly aligned, being ideal to a conference or lecture situation.


Air Jr collection – a luxurious offer

The Air Jr is simply an original and exquisite offer. With simple and delicate lines and modern frames, the stackable chairs of this collection are a refined and elegant solution due to the new finishing and its components. The Air Jr is perfect for sophisticated environments and meeting rooms where the comfort of the participants is a priority.

The Air Jr is also available in different premium finishing by Luxy – including a new mesh backrest highly breathable and light. These finishing can be combined between them, giving rise to other unique and exclusive chairs. As it happens with the previous mentioned collections, this one is flexible enough to be used with or without the writing support.