Want to have true works of art at home? No problem. Magis design pieces go directly from the museums to be part of the home décor.

Magis is the Italian brand of iconic design pieces that are part of anyone’s imagination when it comes to contemporary design. The strong and vivid colors, organic shapes and minimalist and / or futuristic aesthetics are intrinsic to the brand’s DNA.

This italian brand has a simple objective: to create daily pieces that serve any interior or exterior space and that are a statement in the environment of the same. For this reason, Magis works with internationally recognized designers to produce functional, home-decorating pieces with untold aesthetic value.

Many of Magis products are recognized without even knowing they are branded. This is the case of the high bank Bombo, which was part of the scenario of the series Star Trek and Lost in Space. In addition, the pieces of the brand have such an admirable design that are present in some of the most important museums such as MoMa in New York, Victoria and Albert Hall in London and the Pompidou Center in Paris.

The italian design is present in the home décor pieces Magis, however, it is the innovative approach to day to day pieces that make the difference. A dish drainer is elevated to its maximum exponent and ceases to serve its primary function to become an aesthetic statement within a kitchen. A stool bench can be more captivating by is forms than by his function. A door handle will often be made from an unusual material.

Magis is not at all a common brand of home décor solutions and accessories. All the solutions are worthy of a museum.


Magis – Unparallel Home Decor Pieces

Magis offers a wide range of products, and always keep in mind the fundamental values and a unique brand approach. This brand uses a great variety of different techniques and materials in the creation of their products, and because of this it allows the elevation of every piece not only in its usefulness but also in their artistic design. Many of their home decorating pieces have a timeless beauty, like many pieces of contemporary art.

In addition to its quality and their undoubtable beauty of design, Magis products always take into consideration the practical aspect of everyday life. The main goal of their pieces is to be used and not to be considered untouchable parts that people are afraid to use. The products of the brand can both serve in museums of international renown as in any home.

Since 1986 the brand has released one iconic piece every year approximately . We can easily highlight some of them, starting with the Alto Bombo bench, but also with the Dish Doctor drainer. The brand yet once again made the public fall in love with a piece design that resemble the geometric shapes of the Chair_One and has reflections of the well known Déjà-vu bank. Years later, the focus shifted to the reinvention of pieces already known as Swing chairs with Spun and Cuckoo Clocks with Cu-Clock. In turn, some organic forms were brought back such as the giant outdoor bench Folly and the chair Milà.


For any environments and people

Between all available products one can find a wide variety of interior pieces. From simple and plan chairs, chaise longues, sofas, armchairs, cloakrooms, stands for umbrellas, dressers, shoe racks, hangers, tables and even benches for kitchen countertop. It is truly easy and enjoyable to furnish a whole house with the variety of Magis designs.

However, this brand is not only for grown up. Magis has created a special range of products for children called “Me too”. This collection was thought and made up of pieces purposely designed for them. They are not adult pieces resized for childrens, but they are specialized pieces for them to use and enjoy and thought in what they like, from furniture to different and safe toys. These pieces combine the unique and elegant design characteristic of Magis.

Magis also has at its disposal a number of varied products for outdoors, whether we are looking to equip the garden with brand astonish products, or just looking for accommodation systems and benches for public spaces or look for furniture for an office space or something else for a public space they have it all. Amazingly these products bear no resemblance to other outdoor furniture. They have the same distinction, character and quality of Magis design and say a lot about the fame of Italian design in the world.

Whatever the need for your home decoration, your garden or even for the office, you can find an inspiring product, with charm and always with is usefulness. With Magis you will never be disappointed with their standards of exceptional quality, or with the inexhaustible desire to improve and the a commitment of excellence among its designers, a factor that is often overlooked in the modern furniture industry.


The designers

To bring the world to reinvention of day to day pieces, Magis works actively with countless designers of international renown. The brand has names like Stafano Giovannoni, Marc Newson, Konstantin Grcic, Naoto Fukasawa, the Bouroullec brothers, Thomas Heatherwick and Jaime Hayón.

These designers are the responsibles for there design awards that the works and the brand have owned over years of activity.


Magis – A big story producing bigger pieces

Magis is a relatively recent brand that was started in 1976, founded in Italy by Eugenio Perazza, and since then he has not stopped making it growing successfully in the furniture industry field. The history of Magis is steadily growing, impressing the entire industry with its innovative design, exceptional quality and artistic approach that has made them one of the leaders, both in terms of design and innovation. It is not by a chance that the name of the brand is the Latin word for “greater”.

In every year of activity, the decoration products for houses are, in its totality, 100% made in Italy. This can truly guarantee of high quality materials, design processes and production of branded design parts. In addition, by being completely “Made in Italy”, they can safely give continuity to the artisan and craft roots of Italian design.