Known for being the company without fabric, Mattiazzi is the brand that dedicates all its attention to the production of wooden tables and chairs.

Mattiazzi has done must more than just produce furniture with solid wood. This brand, in addition to materializing the traditional-contemporary binomial, still has the ability to make each piece unique in the world. It is the Italian design in its maximum exponent and is the production with techniques of the highest precision that make of Mattiazzi a giant in the furniture in wood.

The brand was founded in 1979 by the brothers Nevio ans Fabio Mattiazzi at Udine, Italy. The brothers intended to produce wooden chairs of the highest quality and make them available all over the world. Quickly their goal transformed into a reality, and the company has been exceptionally successful since then.

Nowadays, the name Mattiazzi is synonymous with wood, tradition, high quality and high design. Their aesthetics became recognized almost instantaneously, mainly because of the organic or geometric shapes that they form. Mattiazzi wooden chairs are the basics of the brand, although they currently produce other pieces of furniture. What makes them so distinctive is, in addition to the design, the quality craftsmanship they get right off the assembly line.

Quoting Nevio Mattiazzi: “We see wood as a nobel material. And now has been much more appreciated. At some point it was forgotten but now it is back on the main stage. For us, wood is a very special material, it is always alive – it changes with time, grows old with time. And because of this it has a special and warmfull touch”

Besides this passion for the wood, this Italian brand breathes familiarity. Both for being a company born and raised by brothers, and for living in carpenters within the Italian neighborhoods.


Mattiazzi – solid wood chairs and refined design

As mentioned above, the company was established when the brothers Mattiazzi – Nevio and Fabiano – decided to start producing the most refined chairs available in the market. With the highest wood quality as the sole material to be worked with, it has acquired an organic and very sophisticated forms.

Before they had their own carpentry, they were hired to make chairs for other brands. But with time the brothers Nevio and Fabiano decided to produce their own chairs, and the outcome was exquisite pieces with a distinct design. The Mattiazzi wooden chairs were strongly praised by the designer community and new customers.

The initial design was immediately striking because of its simplicity. The minimalist forms were only the beginning of a great expansion and the production of pieces of incalculable value.

Currently, Mattiazzi doesn´t  just rely on the designs of two brothers to suppress the needs of its customers. The Italian brand uses the latest technological advances, without losing its traditional and traditional genesis.


Combining traditional craftsmanship with last generation technology

It was the original combination of traditional craftsmanship and last generation technology that cemented the name Mattiazzi at the top of the design furniture in today’s world. So that the Italian craftsmanship was not left out of its pieces, the brand decided to create a network of carpenters in which the tables and wooden chairs of the brand can be also produced.

To the hands of traditional Italian craftsmanship they united the latest machinery and knowledge to operate them. Although handcrafted, this craftsmanship are highly specialized and authentic masters when it comes to work with wood pieces. It is in this environment placed between the traditional and contemporary that enables the out come of chairs and other pieces with impeccable quality.

Mattiazzi team incorporates at every industrial technological breakthrough in their production processes. However, manual labor remains a key element of the brand. It is through this that the Italian contributes to the local development and the maintenance of their unique traditions.


There are no two wooden chairs alike

Since the beginning of the drawn of the first chairs and furniture pieces by the brothers Mattiazzi, that this company has a distinct modern aesthetic.

The brand’s pieces are not just simple wooden chairs. The whole process involves exploring the wood as a piece of art, exposing all its beauty in the form of chairs. Various types of wood are used to make unique pieces that will make all the difference wherever they are. And there is more,, because they are wood, all parts are different even if they are of the same model. This is because the very veins of the material are left in sight.

There something very distinctive and truly authentic about any Mattiazzi chair or any Mattiazzi furniture piece that is impossible to replicate. The quality of the finishes and the natural colors used, intend to maintain the original characteristics of the wood, give them a natural appearance, unique and a distinct design.


The organicity of the design

In addition to handmade carpenters, the brand works with renowned product designers such as Konstantin Grcic, Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec, Sam Hecht & amp; Kim Colin and Inga Sempé.

From the minds of these designers come amazing pieces. The wooden chairs of Mattiazzi obtain organic forms that return the wood to its natural state, even if already worked. On the other hand (and because the brand is fond of combining opposing concepts), we can also find many pieces with straight lines that make them noble.


Mattiazzi and sustainability

By producing wooden chairs, one could easily think that the brand would have little of sustainable. However, this is not, at all, the truth. Mattiazzi has committed to producing 100% sustainable products. This is a difficult goal to achieve and it required a great investment from the company.

Currently, Mattiazzi is 100% sustainable. It is totally powered by solar energy – from machinery to computers to ceiling lights. Inside the factories, everything is recycled and reused to the smallest detail, like the barbs of wood that are used to heat the infrastructures.

In addition to this measure, the brand plants one tree each time it is necessary to cut one.