The Menu’s scandinavian furniture does not leave anybody indifferent. With unique minimalistic lines and great functionality, the Nordic aesthetics will put any home on higher ground.

Menu’s scandinavian furniture manufacturing process

Regarding the Menu’s manufacturing process, the brand makes an extra effort to keep artisanal techniques of many countries alive. For example, Sri Lanka, Japan, Nepal, Vietnam, China, India are countries with a deep artisanal culture with techniques that preserve the quality of the materials. Each one of these countries, and artisans themselves, have a gift and an artistic capacity that need to be maintain over time.In this way, Menu is able not only to promote the folk arts and the ancient manufacturing techniques, but also to give a story and personality to each one of the products.

The brand’s manufacturing process have a special care in the used materials, as it have with the development of the product. These materials are chosen meticulously so the pieces of furniture be the most sophisticated as possible. The materials are then treated to keep its natural colours and textures and this guarantee the products scandinavian simplicity and elegance.

Wood, marble, bronze, steel and hand-blown glass are the materials the brannd uses the most. By being natural materials, they bring purity and organicity to the piece and, consequently, the space where its putted.

In the collection of scandinavian furniture and through all of Menu’s portfolio it is possible to find a mix of virtues that will adapt perfectly to one’s daily life. These virtues can be aesthetics, durability, playfulness. In its turn, these virtues are hard to find in products people often use.

Scandinavian furniture in a playful, unique portfolio

Menu’s portfolio offers a variety of products and a great range of accessories, a lighting collection and a selection of furniture extremely comfortable and sophisticated. The portfolio have a set of characteristics that put every piece in a higher ground, such as quality and functionality.

In this range of scandinavia furniture, there are simple and elegant lies, as it is natural regarding nordic design. Therefore, simplicity is the aesthetics queen, guaranteeing the adaptability of the pieces to multiple environments. In its turn, adaptability is equally present in the relationship between Menu’s pieces themselves providing an unique sophistication to every one of them.

The functionality present in each Menu’s products makes them essential in a daily basis. It can be found little details in the furniture pieces that makes them intuitive and functional in all of its splendor.

Menu – the scandinavian furniture design collection

The Menu’s scandinavian furniture collection as its foundations on modern and minimalistic design as well as extreme elegance and sophistication.

The brand’s inspiration to develop this collection lays with the modern lifestyle. By having this concept as the starting point, the pieces are made in order to fit perfectly within nowadays homes – since the more minimalistic to the most contemporary or traditional. This nordic design aesthetics offers simple and elegant lines allowing, therefore, a better adaptation of the products to a great variety of spaces and interior design.

With the experience and expertise of famous designers and design studios as Nick Ross, Norm Architects, Afteroom, Danielle Siggerud, Rui Alves, Ib Kofod-Larsen and many others, there is a design approach that oscillates between classical and modern.

In this way, the scandinavian furniture collection offers a variety of stools, sofas, dining tables, mirrors, coffee tables and also shelves. These products complement each other and allow the space to have harmony. And besides that, they also give the space a touch of elegance and sophistication with extreme comfort.

In order to give life to the Nordic design furniture, Menu does not work by itself. It is through the partnership with the best design studios as Norm Architects, a Hint of Neon, Note Design Studio, Afteroom, and many other, that the brand can combine a modern design with extreme quality.

These partnerships allow detailed market studies and its necessities in order to create a product with useful specifications. Meanwhile, the brand makes na effort to maintain the Scandinavian furniture design in its pieces. In this analysis, each piece production depends on the brand’s experience and expertise, guaranteeing, therefore, the quality and durability in all the products of the collection.