There is something distinctive in Menu’s interior lighting portfolio. The materials and the scandinavian design meet harmoniously in these pieces, taking any space to a higher ground.

The focus on the production of these pieces have been essential to the development of an amazing portfolio. Being by the applied techniques, by the background or by the high-end materials these products become unique but also playful.

Developed in partnership with recognized designers of the current time, the pieces of lighting have its foundations on the daily routines and the functionality one looks for in these types of products. In interior lighting and other design pieces of the brand, there is a mix between contemporary and classical design combined with the decoration of one’s home, office and modern spaces.

Menu collaborates with different design studios over the years and that fact alone enhance an unique approach to any piece. Experience and expertise complement the design studios vision and creative process in order to offer a great range of artistic approaches to creating a chandelier. Each one of the studios have its own artistic background that comes, usually, from areas like architecture, fashion ad visual arts.

The scandinavian brand begun its path by developing only kitchen accessories and high quality silver products. As years passed by, the range of products increased. These begun to fit better the daily routine of consumers, making home organisation easy and beautiful. The design pieces as interior lighting, accessories and furniture were selected in a way that they could adjust perfectly to the modern society and its way of living.

The Menu’s lighting collection it’s the connection between quality, design and functionality and was developed with its consumers in mind, as well as the way they adapt to their daily life.

Outstanding interior lighting

One of the most daring and innovative Menu collections is, for sure, the interior lighting line. The brand’s lamps are available in all lighting categories: ceiling, wall, floor, table and chandeliers. These pieces can be part of a unique line known as Tribeca (developed by the danish designer Søren Rose) or being just one of a kind. However, the lamps complement each other, allowing the user to play creatively with the different pieces.

The inspiration to developing these range of products lies in the elegance and sophistication lighting itself brings to the daily life. They have the power to transform any space and take it into higher ground due to its design impact. Each one of these lamps will bring a unique tale and an exclusive approach from the designer who created it.

The interior lighting pieces were brought to the world in order to complement one’s rooms, but also as a way to guarantee true functionality. In this way, they have characteristics as adjustable light, easy installation and adaptability, but also durability. Through these elements, the lamps and chandeliers can be a perfect fit to one’s home, office, or even a public space.

All of these pieces were manufactured with high quality materials as porcelain, bronze, copper and hand-blown glass. These materials are essential to guarantee the durability and endurance of these products.

The design of the interior lighting pieces is planned to the tiniest detail in order to bring unique, daring pieces to the world. And besides the elegant and sophisticated design, these lamps and chandeliers offer a light that can be as subtle as intense – and it is in this point that lays their power to transform a space.


Menu – modern and artisanal scandinavian design

Different consumers require different characteristics in the products they look for. These characteristics, however, are always related with quality, functionality, durability and beauty. For this exact reason, Menu developed a portfolio in collaboration with highly recognized design studios. In their turn, they adapt rapidly to the evolution of times and interior design trends. The Menu’s interior lighting collection is, as it was seen previously, an example of this approach.

The partnership developed between the scandinavian brand and the design studios allows the creation of pieces with an unique never seen before. The designers make the effort to understand the need of society through market studies and, by doing that, they are able to develop functional and adaptable products. Therefore, the design planned for each piece is elegant and sublime enhancing its timelessness. The products bought today will still make sense and be considered a piece by design tomorrow. Due to this time resistance, this products can pass through generations without losing its true essence.

One of the exclusive characteristics that Menu has to offer is its expertise in every step of the manufacturing process. The brand makes an extra effort to promote artisanal production processes that still exist in countries like Chine, Japan, Sri Lanka, India, Nepal, Vietnam and many others. This way, Menu is able to help maintaining the traditional production process, but also to help communities strive through financial adversities and boost their growth.

Both manufacturing processes and the skill of the brand combined with material quality makes all the collection to distinguish itself.