Moving Walls

To have a collaborative space or a meeting room in few minutes. This is the great advantage of the Moving Walls’ partition wall system.
Nowadays, the traditional office spaces are not that efficient or coherent with the practices and commercial objectives as they were in the past.
Obviously, in the past an area with desks and cubicles was all that a business needed to maintain the co-worker’s productivity. However, in today’s highly competitive business environment the workflow should settle in two essential pillars: creativity and collaboration.
Regarding workspaces that need more flexibility and to keep track of the rapid business shifts, Moving Walls can be the solution. The brand’s partition wall system allows the office to change accordingly with the situation. This way, collaborative and meeting spaces are built in a few minutes – one just must move that same panels.

Moving Walls’ partition wall system

Within the workplace, flexibility became a demanding element in the past few years. While the business background becomes more competitive, more the offices bustle. The teams collaborate with each other, have ideas to products and services and need to wonder around the office more often.
Besides that, as the years pass, more value a space gets by having no barriers at all – the so-called open spaces. If abolishing physical obstacles is a great option to make all the departments engage with each other, there is also situations in which the privacy is much needed.
The Moving Walls system provides the office owners the capacity of configurating and infinitely build the structure of the office regarding its daily needs. That is, it is possible to reshape the office in only a few minutes without any kind of restriction.
Open office spaces can be divided into individual workstation at lightning speed and with less expenses comparing with the traditional construction practices. Subsequently, the offices can be rearranged, dimensioned and completely removed without being necessary to hire contractors to make all the heavy work.

To build a workspace in a few minutes

More than transform the workplaces, the Moving Walls system is a means to facilitate the work itself. If a meeting space is needed, that can be built in minutes. If a team must meet and work in a project, it is possible to build a bigger space rapidly.
Collaborative work was never so important than it is today. In the past, one could see people locked in rooms and deciding by themselves. Nowadays, the same people are open to discuss subjects and to take in consideration the other people’s ideas.
It is the teamwork that makes the dream work, and, for that, Moving Walls is the perfect solution. These partition walls can also be used as dry erase white boards. The ideas can flow and be written, and anyone can write and erase easily. The work does not have to be boring; it can also be creative and enjoyable.
At the end of the day, no other technology can offer this kind of money saving, of trouble absence in the workplace, of flexibility regarding collaborative work and of creativity that Moving Walls’ platform can offer.

The partition Wall system advantages

Moving Walls eliminate the need of hiring a specialized contractor regarding electric wiring, windows and even pipes. All this is installed in the basis of all Moving Walls partition panels, in order to take advantage of it, to have all the flexibility and functionality.
Businesspeople and office spaces maintenance – specially owners who rent their space or lease it to different organizations – can enjoy everything that Moving Walls have to offer thankfully to the speed and efficiency of this system.

Moving Walls’ portfolio

The Moving Wall solutions do not relay only with partition walls that can be easily moved, nor does this panels relay on its primarily function – to create a private space and collaboration in a few minutes.
Besides this function, Moving Walls is the panel that is, simultaneously, a magnetic white board. This solution is essential to brainstorming sessions and team project development.
The Moving Acoustic Panel consists, as the name indicates, a partition wall with sound insulation. The coating of this Moving Walls’ product allows to have a private meeting, but also to post notes.
Beyond great partition walls with casters, the brand has, in its portfolio, small panels which can be attached to desk screens, for example.
The brand also has little accessories that complement the panels. It is possible to find, therefore, light and stackable stools and pen trays (designed in collaboration with Idea Paint). Moving Walls has even wall rails in order to a panel to slide.

Moving Walls system – the brand’s history

Founded in 2007, the brand is still young regarding the furniture and office solutions sector. However, the movable partition walls have already conquered its own market.
The swiss company began by manufacture the partition walls for a specific event: The World Economic Forum. Nevertheless, by realising that the solution was leaving no one indifferent, the panels begun being sold to more countries. In that same event they were instigating collaboration between participants in order to solve complex economic problems.
Moving Walls was founded by the Patrick and Marcel Frick, who were visionary regarding workplace layout and organisation. Alongside Jörg Boner, they began to develop high-quality and highly functional panels. Their aim was the one that is already known: to create a versatile product that facilitate and instigate interaction between co-workers.
The Moving Walls system designer states that, for him, this solution is “a tool that should exist in existing spaces, without blocking free movement within the office”. And adds: It [the partition wall] is not a piece of furniture. It functions as a screen – it’s the content in it that makes it interesting.
The Moving Walls partition walls became, therefore, providing a more flexible collaborating way within the office.