Health and hospitality spaces deserve high quality furniture. Nemschoff is the brand that dedicates itself entirely to hospital furniture.

Founded in the 1950’s decade and situated in Sheboyan, Wisconsin, the brand offers an innovative solution to health and hospitality spaces. Its portfolio has a great range of ergonomic hospital furniture developed with high quality materials and a design never seen before. These characteristics make Nemschoff the preferential choice in the health sector.

Health spaces have specific requirements in terms of furniture. Not all materials can be used in clinics or hospitals. And, within these types of spaces, there are others with different needs. It becomes, therefore, necessary to produce furniture that can be adapted to these places without disturbing their normal operation.

Since 1957 that this brand puts its body and soul into the manufacturing of hospital furniture. To reach high quality and performance goals, Nemschoff made a detailed research about people’s behaviour in health places. Its conclusion: everything counts. From the way patients use the furniture to how health providers move and work through the space and even the comfort of the visitors.

These days, the brand is one of Herman Miller’s partners – a ergonomic furniture producer shark – in order to increase even more the quality of production.

According with Herman Miller’s CEO, Brian Walker, “there is a growing and ageing population issue in the United States, but also in a global level. This increases the necessity of designing strategies and coming up with resources to the development of products, which can be an ideal solution to this market and for each client of this market segment.”


Nemschoff hospital furniture – more comfortable health spaces

It is not strange at all that Nemshcoff’s furniture is ergonomic – Afterall, health is in its centre. The United States company joins the most recent researches with high design and also the best manufacturing techniques.

The fact that these health places need adequate and specific hospital furniture made Nemschoff a specialized enterprise in pieces of furnishing that meets those specific needs. In this way, the manufactured pieces of furniture are highly durable, easily cleaned and incredibly comfortable.

In relation to the hospital furniture’s manufacturing process, these have hand-made trims, so that they are delivered with higher quality. The combination between materials and processes, as well as ongoing research, is the key to maintain these pieces of furniture high performance standards.

Nemschoff’s portfolio – from the waiting areas to treatment rooms

Fully dedicated to the health sector, Nemschoff is a brand that develops innovative hospital furniture, but also focused in this field’s primary needs. Its portfolio is unique and daring, offering, therefore, a special focus and dedication to patient rooms in clinics and hospitals.

The health sector requires a specialization due to the machinery’s cable management, oxygen and electric support in everything that surrounds the patient. In order to offer specific products, the brand works with their clients, architects and designers in initial stages of the process. This way it is possible to adapt products to each clinic or hospital individually.

The Nemschoff’s hospital furniture portfolio guarantees solutions for administrative units, waiting rooms, analysis laboratories, patient rooms and even specific pieces for the paediatric wing.

The range of Nemschoff products as its ground on hospital furniture that goes from coffee tables, patient beds and coaches for the visitors. Beyond those, the brand does not look away from specific stools and storage specific to laboratories. And that’s not all: Nemschoff did not forget the treatment spaces for behavioural disorders. In this context, the furniture consists in more comfortable pieces to create a cosy environment.

The brands products are made to bring harmony to any medical environment. Accordingly, the trims adjust themselves to the space in relation to their colour, balance and the dynamism and comfort inherent to the space.


Sustainable hospital furniture

By producing furniture to health spaces, Nemschoff takes into account all the space and necessities of every intervenient, but it also has in mind the sustainability of those pieces of furnishing.

In this way, the brand’s hospital furniture is manufactured to have a durability above average. Besides this action, Nemshoff even hires transportation companies near the factories to deliver the pieces, reducing the emission of air pollutants to the atmosphere.

Within Nemschoff’s factory, the manufacturing goes through a recycling process. All the wood that could become waste is used in the industrial ovens and heating system.

The design and used materials both have a sustainable end in its production. That means that even the glue used to assemble the piece together is water-based, as this have a minor environmental impact.


About Nemschoff, Inc.

Leonard Nemschoff founded his company in 1950, in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. At the time there were other companies dedicated to the development of furniture, making the town known as the Chair City.

In the brand’s early years, its focus relayed on institutional furniture, which assured high quality chair and tables. It wasn’t until 1957 that Nemschoff became dedicated to the health sector, specializing itself in hospital furniture.

The 1960’s were the golden years for the company. Besides receiving it first award (which was the sitting design award), the brand set itself apart with two innovations within the health sector. These innovations consisted in two characteristics that established a new approach regarding hospital furniture: the wipe-out design (that allows an easy cleaning) and also the sofa coating and substitutable chairs (which increases the durability of a certain product).

In the end of the 80’s decade, Nemschoff launched the first piece of furniture that meets entirely with the quality norms regarding the inflammation danger of upholstered pieces. In 2004 the brand became finally, the number one in hospital furniture.

In 2009, by being fully acquired by Herman Miller, the brand consolidated its products quality, becoming a reference in the health sector.

The focus and mission of the company is, and always have been, the development of a portfolio with solutions made to improve the users experience in the health field. The brand guarantees, therefore, a unique experience with products of quality and highly durable that can even be adapted to different needs. These products are developed according to the need of each costumer.

Besides offering a product collection made for the health sector, these can easily be adapted to other areas as hospitality.