To find modern dining chairs that fit in an office or at home can be a harsh task. Pedrali is the Italian brand with amazing design pieces that will make that search much easier.

With several decades of experience in the furniture business and with diverse and extraordinary collaborations at an international level, Pedrali is a mature brand focused on their client’s needs. Besides, the brand believes the only way to produce excellent products is through high-quality raw materials and sustainable production processes combined with comfort, aesthetics and functionality.

In this context, the brand’s modern dining chairs collection was created. This range was also thought to fit at any context, from public to residential spaces, from indoors to outdoors and even work spaces. And so, Pedrali is able to meet the needs of anyone just by making the best range of products available to their clients.


The Pedrali’s modern dining chairs universe

Office chairs, living room and outdoors chairs, foldable counter height chairs. The great range of the brands chairs has endless unique pieces and that’s how versatility shows up in the collection. Whatever the style, personal or business need, Pedrali has the right design piece to meet it. Therefore, one will, definitely, find the chair they need in the brand’s portfolio.

The lines, colours, frames, materials and design – from the simplest to the most traditional, and even the most modern and sophisticated products – allow any modern dining chair to fit perfectly with the surrounding environment. And, at the same time, those are the pieces that add charm and finesse to the room. Each one of the brand’s pieces is thought, designed and produced exclusively to meet the diverse needs inherent to any space or decorative style.

The brand’s chairs incorporate ideas, styles and different attitudes and approaches, with a focus on the future. These Pedrali’s chairs are dynamic, flexible and designed with an uncomplicated visual style, however, quite distinct and elegant.


Pedrali – the quality of materials, design and production processes

Each one of the Pedrali’s modern dining chairs is the result of a rigorous, careful and creative research, done during all the steps of the products production – from idealization to the materialization. A production process focused on the quality and scrupulous use of excellent raw materials combined with aesthetics and functionality – as well as the commitment with sustainability – are the elements that make Pedrali a contemporary industrial design brand internationally recognized.

Besides, every Pedrali chair is a true work of art that, since the first draft, becomes a timeless and functional piece to be added to any space. With an ergonomic design, every one of these chairs adjust to the human body and, at the same time, that create an appealing visual style.

Besides their simplicity, each chair will distinguish itself from all the rest, independently of whatever is surrounding it. With the italian design quality stamp, the Pedrali’s collection of modern dining chairs are unique pieces that performs its function in a truly efficient way and even add more character to a space.

It is through that fact that the brand assures its clients will always be seated on the clouds.


Modern dining chairs that fit naturally outdoors

In order to create chairs that can be maintain outdoor during all year, Pedrali works incessantly to achieve the best solutions for any exterior space. All the ranges of modern dining chairs, such as Tribeca, Nolita and Soul, are quite different between them, but, in a way, all of them have a common feature: they get back in time to the brand’s origins and are a contemporary interpretation of classic pieces.

Specially designed to be used outdoors, those Pedrali chairs are entirely prepared to endure any kind of weather conditions. The robust design, that does not take up the space, promises to bring modernity and minimalistic elegance and turns the chairs into versatile and adjustable pieces. Those can fit in an endless range of environments, since a private rooftop to a residential garden, or even public spaces such as bars or restaurants.


Modern dining chairs that fit perfectly indoors

For indoors, the offer range is unlimited and, for sure, one will find the solution that best fits the space. As it happens with the outdoor ones, these modern dining chairs have extraordinary simplicity and lightness. Their warm character, the friendly combination of materials, the organic lines and their smooth and compact dimensions demonstrate perfectly the concept of these chairs, since they speak a universal and timeless language.

Distinctive indoor chairs as Sign, the famous Fox, the most recent Jamaica and the whole line named Gliss present a minimalistic and fluid silhouette. To achieve this looks, the brands focus on the harmonious interaction of curves and light lines.


Pedrali’s executive and office chairs: ergonomics and contemporary looks

The modern dining chairs have also a twist regarding their function – they easily fit in a working space, such as an executive office, for instance. These pieces have all the elements to provide comfort and well-being during the day. For example, they have sacral and lumbar support, a reclining mechanism, breathable materials and upholstered arms. As they can be found in different colours, they easily and rapidly adapt themselves to an office or home office.

Two of the Pedrali’s most recently launched products, executive chair Elinor 3755 and Temps 3765, are the result of intensive studies made to ensure that any chair adjusts to one’s body like a glove. Therefore, those chairs can guarantee comfort during the hours of labour in an office.

After assuring the ergonomics and steadiness necessary, the aesthetic elements are implemented so the design can naturally fit in a work environment. By combining dynamically all these elements, the Pedrali’s modern executive chairs are, without doubt, quite attractive and desirable.

Regarding the meeting rooms, the products offer range are quite huge, without ever leaving the comfort plus aesthetics commitment.

In this way, the office and executive chairs will, certainly be the primordial item to create a work environment more harmonious and cosier for clients, visitors and those who work there