Pilot Pen Collections

More power to words, illustrations and, for that to happen, to pens! The Pilot Pen collections and pens are the revolution of writing instruments.

Since 1915 that the japanese brand focus itself intirely in pen, from the fountain to the traditional stylographs. Everything begun in the production of simple pen’s tips. From that element on, Pilot grew itself up until it became the company of today.

The company is internationaly recognized for their product’s quality, for the innovation and ergonomics and also for the environmental sustainability commitment.

All of these distinctive characteristics shine through the pens and the collections. And besides, they represente the path that the brand had to walk to deserve the reputation that it has today.

Pilot’s products have a notable ink quality, which flows naturally, but also in the materials used to the exterior structure. These elements make Pilot Pen’s pens ergonomic pieces. One can feel the confort of writting with a Pilot in the moment one grabs it for the first time.


Pilot Pen’s collections – endless possibilities

The quality and innovation present in Pilot’s pens make them the favourite of millions of people, including writters and illustration artists.

The Pilot Pen pieces have several types of tips, inks and technologic elements which allow infinite applications. For that reason, it is only natural that not only people who enjoy writing by hand use them. Graphic artists, mainly illustrators, are unconditional fans oh these pens since they allow them to go further in their art.

The types of pens are so many that it is possible to embed them in eight different collections, without counting with the accessories. Lots of them end up intersecting themselves, providing even more possibilities.


Erasable pens – Pilot Frixion Family

Pilot Frixion pen’s family is the collection that brought the most innovative products into the paper sheets and notebooks. It is the thermo-sensitive ink technology that makes them so special.

These pens allow the ink to be erased. The pieces come with an eraser-tip that remove stains completely. No orthographic error can resist this. And how does that work? The friction of the eraser in the paper heats up the ink and makes it transparent. In this way, it is possible to write immediately on the same spot.


Frixion Ball

This is the gel ink pen with which it is possible to write fluidly. It is ergonomic due to the rubber cover which makes it easier to handle the pen. The Pilot Frixion Ball is a refillable pen, allowing to save money and having less environmental impact.

Frixion Ball is also available in the limited edition created in collaboration with Mika.


Frixion Ball Clicker

Similarly with the previous model, Pilot Frixion Ball Clicker is a gel ink, ergonomic and refillable pen. It has, likewise, a medium or fine tip in tungsten for longer durability.

These pens can also be found in limited editions as Mika’s and Tattoo Design.

What distinguishes Frixion Ball is the fact that it has a more professional aesthetics and it is retractable.


Frixion Point

Frixion Point was created for major precision. With an ultrafine tip, this element allows drawing geometric figures, sketching or jus writing.

As all the other, this pen is ergonomic and retractable. The ink is also made of gel and the tip is made from the same materials.


Frixion Colours

Specially designed for illustrators, this model of felt-tip erable ink pens allows drawing and fill blank spaces with 12 distinct colours.


Frixion Light

The Pilot’s markers have a chisel tip to better outstand the most necessary side notes. The tip itself is resistant enough so it never dries with time.

These markers are available in bright and fluorescent colours, but also in pastel shades.


Pilot B2P sustainable pens

This is one of the collections that better shows the brand’s ecologic compromise. Made from reused water bottles, the model Pilot B2P is likewise refillable.

The B2P:

  • Has a fine or medium tip made from tungsten;
  • Is covered in rub for major comfort;
  • Is a retractable pen;
  • Ball Grip was manufactured in order to enhance the companies’ performance;
  • Ball has the shape of a bubbly watter bottle;
  • Gel allows writing with more fluidity.


Pilot Acroball Stylographs

The pen collection Pilot Acroball came into this worls to break with monotony and the black and blue monopoly. Within this collection there are three different models: Acroball, Acroball Pure White and Acroball Metal.

The stylographs Acroball distinguish themselves by oil-based paint that allow more witting fluidity, but with a matte tone that gel doesn’t have. This can be found with fine or medium tip and in eight different colours. They are manufactured with recycled materials and also have refill.

The Acroball Pure White are those with the white structure and are available in eight colours. The Acroball Metal have a metal structure and can only be found in three different colours.

Pilot V5/V7 pen with ink regulator

The Pilot’s line V5/V7 have more technology in its pens than all the others. These pens are not best-sellers since the day they were put in the market by accident. Besides the liquid ink that flows through the rollerball system, the Pilot’s V5 and V7 have an ink regulator. This way, it flows perfect and continuously to the tip, improving the line’s precision. Like any other Pilot pens, the tip is made of tungsten.

The liquid ink vibrant colours and the ink regulator high-tech system were the brand’s innovation in this field, but that’s not all of them. With a never seen mechanism, the V5 and V7 became refillable and have now 4 colours. In addition, both models use the same refill which allows an easier acquisition.

These models can also be found as a retractable pen and as Mikas’s limited edition. The V model is also available in the V10 version, being its tip larger than the others.


Pilot pen G-2

Intense colours and gel ink that flows unaffectedly to the tip. The pilot’s G-2 provide a whole new writing experience.

As in any other collections of Pilot Pe, the G-2 have ergonomic – accomplished by the rubber cover-, retractable and refillable pens. The reason why they are so distinct is, without doubt, their bright colours and other effects.

The classic G-2 pen is available with 13 colours, while the Pilot G-2 Pixie is available in eight lively colours. Besides these, the model also exists in six pastel tones. The Penstylus line, in turn, allows the user to use it on a touchscreen instead of paper.

The G-2 collection is also available in Mika’s and Victoria’s limited edition.


Pilot Begreen Ecologic pens

The commitment the company made to become one of the most sustainable have materialized itself into the Pilot Begreen Collection. All these pens are refillable, which decreases the plastic production and, of course, waste of the pens. And all this without letting go of technology.


Pilot B-Green V-Supercolor, Twin Marker + Jumpo, CD-DVD and Permaball markers

The liquid permanent ink V-Supercolor have bright colours and can be used in any surface (paper, plastic, concrete, wood, glass, among others). In addition, these permanent markers have an irrigation system that makes the ink flow and prevents the tip from drying – without shaking it to write. This product is manufactured with 92% of recycled plastic.


Just as Supercolor, the permanent marker Permaball allows the writing in any surface – even in ceramics. It is made with 77,7% of recycled plastic.

The Siamese Twin Marker and Twin Marker Jumbo are both liquid permanent ink markers. The marker has two tips in order to write in two different sizes – the first with a fine line and the second with medium or large line. Both permanent markers are toxic solvent free, and the ink is fast to dry and water and light resistant.

In order to become sustainable, the Twin is manufactured with 76,1% of recycled plastic and the Twin Marker Jumbo with 82,6%.

The last permanent marker is the CD-DVD specifically created for these objects. The fine line marker does not damage the discs and the ink is water and light resistant.


Piot Begreen V-Board Master Markers

The Pilot white board markers are ideal pieces to have in schools or in the office. These markers have a new irrigation system which allow the ink to flow plainly in order prevent the tip from drying. In this way, you don’t have to do any effort so the ink flows until the last drop. The ink has its brightness in a way that is widely visible.

In order to be highly sustainable, the V-Board Master markers are refill and manufactured with 91% of recycled plastic.


Pilot Begreen Super Gel

With an ink fluidity out of the box, Pilot Super Gel is a ballpoint pen with the rollerball system which ink is inserted directly in the cartridge. In this way, the longevity of the pen is guaranteed.

The Pilot Super Gel are manufactured with 93,3% of recycled plastic.


Pilot Begreen Spotlighter VW

The fluorescent marker Spotlighter VW has the ink regulator so that it flows to tip, avoiding its dryness.

With two tips and two bright colours, the marker contains 70% of liquid yellow ink and 30% of liquid pink ink in the same cartridge. By being part of the Begreen collection most of this marker is manufactured with recycled plastic.


Pilot Begreen Rexgrip

A common ballpoint pen with oil-based ink. However, Rexgrip is highly durable. Its structure and tip are made with tungsten which gives it longevity. It is also ergonomic due to its rubber cover.

In order to become highly sustainable, this ballpoint pen is refillable and manufactured with 77,7% recycled plastic.


Pilot Begreeen Kaküno

Specially thinking about children or about the first time one writes with a fountain pen, Kaküno makes it easy to learn how to write calligraphy. This is also refillable and made with 85% recycled plastic.


Pilot Begreen G-Knock

The G-knock is the pen which challenged the gel ink pen norm and gave it a knock-out. This one is leader in this line, being highly sustainable and ergonomic.


Pilot MR Collection

The Pilot Mr collection comes with a special aesthetics. This is one of the most colourful, high-quality and out-of-the-box Pilot collections. What makes these pens so special is not the ink, but the elements that cover their structure as if it was a ring.

These Pilot pens have two different models – one with many animal prints (white tiger, crocodile, piton, lizard and leopard) and the other with pop art related prints. This last one even has more lively colours and geometric patterns.

In the Pilot MR collection, all the motives can be placed in a fountain pen, in a liquid ink pen and in a ballpoint pen with hybrid ink.


Pintor Pilot Markers

To the illustration lovers or just the people who like to see their things personalized, the brand launched the Pintor Pilot collection.

This one contains markers and felt pens that can be used in any material, mainly because the water-based ink.

These markers models are available in 4 to 6 packs, with numerous variations of colours. Since classical colours to the metallic and pastel tones, these Pilot markers will give more colour to everything that is always with you.