Verner Panton was truly immortalized throughout Verpan brand. The brand holds exclusive rights to numerous pieces of furniture by the iconic danish designer.

It’s not by chance that this furniture design brand was named Verpan. The brand name is the agglutination of the first three letters of the name and surname of the designer. In Varpan products collections there are included multiplus designs of Verner Panton, worldwide recognized and acknowledge due to its aesthetics and functionality.

Being a leading company in Danish design furniture, the brand has a portfolio of original, modern and functional pieces. The dedication to there traditional roots allowed the company to place Denmark on the map as a creator of high quality and timeless design. The fusion of traditionalism and irreverence so characteristic of Panton makes Verpan a brand with an unique value.

Verner Panton’s designs have already dazzled the world by there incredibly innovations. The ideas and visions that the designer brought to his creations are truly remarkable, making him a true pioneer and rebellious in the lighting industry and furniture design industry.

Verpan is currently expanding its portfolio of Verner Panton’s product range by adding new types of furniture and upholstery. These have been kept in the designer’s archives, being now an excellent opportunity to acquire new author pieces. This will provide new design pieces that will definitely amaze anyone who experiences and uses them. These products will be a blend of classic and visionary designs to enhance the experience and all the surrounding atmosphere.

Verpan pieces have an incalculable value in there visual aesthetics. Their design is thought in all details on there levels of illumination, movement, grace, sound, elegance and color.

The dedication and attention that Verpan gives to detail on each product culminates in an functionality, durability and quality that are deep steady. The purpose and mission of the brand is exactly to create and elevate spaces, people and experiences with its unique design pieces.

Although this brand is know for the incredible products imagined and brought to live by Verner Panton, its true mantra is to offer exquisite service, quality and attention to detail. Commercialized all over the world, the brand range ensures that any part will create impact and bring sophistication to any given space.


Verpan – between Danish traditionalism and the vanguard of Verner Panton

Verpan brand got recognized in Denmark and over the world thanks to Verner Panton designs. They represent a milestone of modern design and high functionality. Not on that, the success of the brand has also been achieved because of the successfully partnering with Marianne Panton and her family

The mission of the brand has been, since the beginning, to produce design pieces according to the principles of Verner Panton. What this means, is to create and combine quality with originality. It has been because of this that the brand always develop and create furniture pieces as well lighting products respecting the designer’s philosophy.

As a truly revolutionary, this unique designer was able to create authentics works of art, that are now manufactured exclusively by Verpan brand. Verner Panton as the possibility do awaken all senses with just one piece. Vision, touch, and hearing are stimulated by coming into contact with the designer pieces. As such, Verpan products represent this facet and purpose of the designer.

The Verpan collection is an outstanding portfolio of timeless and universal pieces that will complement and enhance any space.


Verpan and Panton – representations of the classic and modern

The greater mission of the brand is to create and produce classics Verner Panton designs, extrictly following vision and philosophy. Recognized in every corner of the world, Panton designs are true design icons and the designer’s collection is characterized by being eclectic and highly exciting.

The brand develops every of their pieces with an exceptional care when it refers to their quality, originality and creativity. This is its signature and is present on every piece that produces. Initially the brand was only dedicated to producing the famous lamps of Panton, following the original principles of the artist. But with increasing success, the brand began to add Panton-created furniture and upholstery classics, culminating in a fantastic collection that will highlight any space.

The first design piece from Panton that Verpan company started to produce was the well know “Fun Lamp” in 1964. This lamp is a simple and incredibly versatile lighting. When looking at it one can see almost an waterfall of seashells that not only illuminates the space but when those shells touch on each other, they create a smooth and relaxing sound.
The sound effect resembles a distant melody and will give to the environment a relaxed and serene energie. With a single ceiling lamp one can awaken all the senses – and this is the true genius and magic of Verner Panton.

Has the brand manager, Peter Frandsen, say “Its is incredible to notice how this visionary and old designs, are still in our days, capable of revitalizing any space but also to elevate instantly all surrounding environment”. An goes on: “These are precisely our reasons: to modernize and enrich spaces, places, people and experiences. This is why Verpan not only aims to produce the most beautiful products of Verner Panton, but is also known for its exquisite service and love of detail.”


Verner Panton – “provoke people to use their imaginations”

Born in 1926 in Denmark, Verner Panton is one of the most influential furniture and interior designers of the twentieth century. With a strong experience in architecture, he started his own architecture and design office very early at his time. He was known for his innovative architectural proposals, such as the folding house (1955), the cardboard house, and the plastic house (1960).

In the late 50´s, he started to draw chairs, with an unusual and irreverent design (chairs without legs or with a noticeable backrest). His pieces, little by little, started to gain fame, and in 1960. he was the first designer to create a modular plastic chair – the famous stacking chair, S Chair. Later this was recognized for this design, it was the most famous and the most produced design.

In the years that followed Verner experimented with radical and psychedelic interior designs. These new way of thinking and design would complete his pieces of furniture with curved lines, as well as some innovations with textiles and lighting.

He is considered a genius for creating futuristic and innovative designs. Panton presented and introduced to the world a wide variety of materials and did not become shy when using vibrant colors.

Verner Panton said that the great purpose of his work was to provoke people to use their own imagination. According to him, “the big majority of people spend their lives in a monotonous, beige-gray conformity, really afraid of using all the available colours in their lives. By experimenting with light, color, textiles and furniture, and using the latest technologies, I try to show new realities in order to encourage people to use their fantasies and imagination in order to make their environment more exciting”.

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