Interior design

In every company as different spaces with different goals. To improve and straighten with its purpose, the design of the space and his furniture must be up to expectations. In this way our projects, with all interior design has magnified importance.

When designing new facilities or when working on a office remodeling, we take into account all parts of the workspace which is 360º. For this reason, we aim to create work spaces that flow naturally and that also allow movement without barriers for employees.

Our vision of interior design is not merely limited to the simple decoration of a space. With a broader perspective of the concept, our efforts is to create workspaces so that they can add more value in the daily life of the company.

Either we work on collaborative spaces, meeting rooms or individual workstations, all must be comfortable, high performance and highly focused on the needs of all teams.


Ergonomics at work

The teams and employees that are more productive are the ones who work with comfort during all long hours of work. This is why we apply all principles of ergonomics for work when designing a new workspace.

Ergonomics is the scientific field that studies and research the relationship between individual and space. If this relationship is harmonious, the individual will be able to keep comfortable and therefore more focused.

These ergonomic principles essentially materialize when choosing office furniture. This involve high-performance chairs, sit-to-stand work tables and monitor arms with range of movement, among many other ergonomic solutions.

Because we work with diverse brands that provide these kind of solutions always with the highest quality, we guarantee the absolute well being of employees that allows them to go even further on a daily basis.